Hold a Clean Games event in your city!
We will teach you how to organize it from scratch and will always be in touch to provide support.
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Clean Games are organized differently depending on their size - from a local initiative to an international festival.
Choose the suitable one and write to our coordinator!
We Will Provide
1. Methodology
• Event scenario and game rules
• Instructions for choosing a location, raising funds, working with partners, volunteers and the media
• Instructions for using social media with a detailed media plan
• Instructions for using our website and mobile app
• Instructions for preparing the event
• Headquarters layout plan and equipment list
• Brand book with print templates
• Checklists for the team
    2. iOS / Android app and a website

    The IT-platform allows to:
    • Register participants and form teams
    • Track the teams` scores
    • Enroll game points for photos "before" and "after" with a GPS tag
    • Summarize the game statistics and set winners

      3. Useful contacts

      Our partners are organizations performing in 20 countries
      4. Support

      • Main team will always give advice and answer your questions
      • Coordinators of Clean Games are activists from 20 countries. They can share their volunteer experience

      Our Expectations
      1. No Politics

      Any political propaganda (i.e. logos on the participants' T-shirts) are strictly prohibited.
      All games, except small ones, must have a photographer.

      Game photos are to be published in social media after the game.
      3. Photos From The Event
      2. Clean Games Brand
      The Clean Games logo must be used on all distributed materials, the use of the brand book is obligatory.
      4. Collected litter disposal
      Waste is taken to a legal landfill or handed over to a processor or sorter no later than on the day after event

      If waste is being sorted, but then will be taken to a common landfill, warn participants that points for sorting are enrolled for game and educational purposes.
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      Organize Your Clean Games!
      We will tell you in detail about our project